Sunday, 24 September 2006


A few of my friends have been making music for many years and their latest project is called scØre

Their most famous work is being band members of Yeah Yeah Noh

Anyhow, they've asked if I would post one of their latest works...

It's called 'Do No Dog'

Performed by scØre - Words and music by Dermot Carney - Recorded at Springfield Road Studios

Right click this and choose 'Save target As...'
Then open it in the player of your choice!

"What do you reckon folks?"

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Getting the link to this MP3 to actually work! How complex can it be... Very... As I just found out... Grrr
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 3/10


Anonymous said...

I think it’s interesting. I like the rhythm, the sound effect and the guitar…..but I guess I wouldn’t buy it. Not my thing….sorry! :)

Clare Woodward said...

Does that icon thingy work now?

Clare Woodward said...

Does that icon thingy work now?

DoGGa said...

Thanks for listening and your honesty Dakota! :]

Hello and welcome!
Erm, icon thingy, can we get a little more technical here? LOL
Yes, if you're having probs playing the song, right click and save as the downloading link below and play it frm your hard disk.

Anonymous said...

I was getting Talking Heads from that? Gang of Four perhaps. It was great.

kees said...

I liked it A LOT. Is their other stuff similar?

LindzyPinzy said...

it took forever to figure out my media player thingy It was a pain the ass!~

DoGGa said...

Lord Hutton:
Yeah? Brill, glad you liked it! :]

Cool, you liked it! They do all sorts of stuff and have many guest vocalists etc, but it tends to be loosely based around that kind of style.

Tell me about it! Grrrr :}

podnosh said...

Love it - really strong.

JACEY said...

Doesnt move me on any emotional level and doesnt really say anything. I don't get it and wouldn't want it. The musical skill is basic vocals poor and engineering poor. Sounds like a bored group of oldies who havent suffered for their art and have very lil talent.

Kayla said...

Hi DoGGa,
I like it.
I think it is quite catchy and made me want to get up and shake my booty.

It's titled "Do No Dog"
but sometimes sounds like he is singing "Do the dog".
Is it true or just my ears?

DoGGa said...

Excellent and thasnk you! I'm sure they will like this comment :]

I take that as a no then? LOL
Thanks for your honesty, I guess?

Hey up Kayla!
Glad you like it and I would like to see ya shake your booty to it :]
It must be the way Derm sings, as I'm sure he's not a fan of beastiality!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Glad you got it to work. Great production, not exacly my bag but I'm an old hippie so what do you expect.
Is the flipside "Do the Pussy"?
I can't believe I said that, but I did ;-)

DoGGa said...

Hahaha, cheers Phil... I'll put that to them :]

Stu said...

Yeah, I like it. If I found a CD with this on in a bargain bin, I wouldn't be disappointed.

That's not an insult by the way... most of my CDs come from bargain bins - they have to be _really_ special to pay full price.

Do they have a myspace presence? They should. I'd deffo be interested in hearing more.

DoGGa said...

Hehehe, yeah I know what you mean Stu!
It's super duper you like it, but I they don't have a myspace or anything. I may be posting more at some point!

Dermot Carney said...

Thanks for bunging the song onto your space, Phil. Comments re: the "dog"; the Dog is the railway line crossing the track which runs south though the Mississippi delta to New Orleans. The references to animals are mainly (black) superstitions which originated in the Delta or New Orleans which refer to good and bad luck. The song is simply about the hurricane. Sorry to disabuse anyone of any sexual connotations.

DoGGa said...

Hi! No problem posting this and thanks for the interesting explanation :]

smedinbee said...

Loike it an oi'll gi it foive.

Reminds me of something, can't quite remember tho.

Be good to hear more.

DoGGa said...

Not sure what that first line means, but gald you like the tunage!

smedinbee said...

Dogga: The "gi' it foive" goes back to the days of "Thank Your Lucky Stars" in the 60's when they had to rate the latest tunes out of five. There was this broad brummie woman called Janice who used to say that and it became a sixties carchphrase