Sunday, 11 February 2007


A couple of days ago, England had a massive dump of snow.
It's the most snow we've had in eons, and I was surprised to wake up and see my street looking like this:

Check out next-door's car in the foreground... All you can see is the aerial poking out!

I went to drive to work as normal, but couldn't get up this slight slope to top of my street, even after multiple attempts and run-ups, but some passing strangers saw me struggling and pushed me up... Aw, what absolute stars eh!!! :)

The roads were atrocious, so I decided not to carry on to work, but to go sledging instead and attempt the roads later... A much more sensible idea me thinks!

I kitted myself up like a terrorist (minus the explosives and AK47) and hit a local sledging haunt

This firebreak at Trimpley reservoir makes an ideal sledging run

The first run of 2007!!!

Trimpley reservoir - My water source, so don't wee in it please!!!

The River Severn.
(These photos are taken in colour, honest guv!)

My niece throwing a snowball at me girlie style :]

After making it to work, another big load of the white stuff came down, so there was only one thing left to do...
An XTA snowball fight in the car park of course:
Production & Test (from downstairs) Vs R&D (from upstairs)
It started off fairly sedate, but then a surprise attack from the rear turned it into complete carnage, but the leader of the counter-attack, Lewis, got his com-uppance when we shouted "PILE ON" and did just that, stuffing much snow up his top too... He came back inside shaking like a leaf from the cold... Bless :0)

It took me over an hour and a half to get home (normally 10-15 mins), as rear wheel drive + wide tires = Rubbish in snow, Grrr.
Duncs pushed me off works car park, but I only made it around the corner, as I couldn't get any traction up the first set of traffic lights and had to come back to work, ditch 'Penelope' and get a lift back with a mate in a 4-wheel drive. Hoorah!

Today, I'm Most Angry About: My 'Bytestor' 7-in-in-one card reader breaking! My second one in six months and it cost all of £6 too :[
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 2/10

Today's Top Tip:
Make house-guests believe your home may be bugged by running your hands under tables and inside lampshades, then turning on a tap on every time you speak.


Anonymous said...

My sledge sits in the basement, unused these last 10 years;-(
When I had a Beetle, it was unrivalled for snow driving: rear engine and RWD. Great!

Phil said...

That's a crime, that sledge should of been out this week! :[]
My car is piss poor in the snow, I've just found out. All the smaller, lighter, front wheel drive cars were ripping past me Grrr :]

Anonymous said...

My snow photos (the blue/grey ones!) were taken in as broad daylight as we got too!

My Boy took time out and went sledging on the hills nearby, along with the snowboarders, snow-bladers, and the 4-up on the car bonnet!

Anonymous said...

Hey... I know that hill... a bugger to walk up after a caching trip :)

I'm so jealous you had it for sledging down!

Toccata said...

In Canada we call sledging tobogganing and it is one of my absolute favorite winter activities. I have a tiny scar above one eye from a childhood run that went drastically wrong. My scar is tiny my friend's scar is big and ugly. She forever has to wear her hair with bangs.

Sledging is always a better choice than work.

Anonymous said...

we had a huge dumping of snow the last week and yesterday, we did exactly what you did. Tobogganing...wooooweeeee!

mellowlee said...

Haha! I LOVE that video. Looks like so much fun!!

Me Myself and I said...

That video is awesome!! Looks like so much fun. I love the long as I don't have to drive in it! :)

Today's top tip is fabulous as usual. Thanks Dogga!

Me Myself and I said...

PS Here we call it 'sledding'.

Phil said...

Yeah, it's like a true natural black and white filter. I bet the dogs looked camouflaged :0)
4-up on a car bonnet LOL, that's class!!! :)

Yes, I thought you'd recognise that one! A brill sledging run and never too busy :]

Aye, I bet you get far more snow then we do. You must be posher calling it tobogganing... Chaverminster folk would find that too hard to spell you see :0)

Tobogga-what? LOL, yeah, excellent fun eh! :]

Yeah, fun, but wet and tiring after a while :]
Glad you liked my action video!

Cool, glad your liking the little action video :]
The snow is cool yeah, but don't talk to me about driving in it Grrr hehe.
Pffft, tobogganing, sledding, whatever will you people come up with next for sledging =:0)

b o o said...

u looked like the unabomber :-]

Phil said...

Haha, I may be! ;)

LindzyPinzy said...

looks like so much fun!! much more fun than work!!!!

hahah sledging sounds sooo funny!! we call it tobaganning or sledding...

sledging! love it!!!!!!

hope you are doin good dogga:)

Phil said...

Much more fun than work, but much wetter too though :[]

Sledding, tobogganing... You are technically correct, but just remember whose language it is first! :0) Get your own *joking*

I'm doing very well thank you, just a little lethargic as of late. I hope you are doing well too me dear :]

Dakota said...

That is one brilliant video. Thanks for letting me join you :)

Oh and I love the instruction at the end. “It’s right foot to go right and left foot to go left”. I must remember that one :)

Kayla said...

Wow! You did get a lot of shnow :-)
Looks like a winter in Oklahoma.
I assume the male voice in the video is yours? If so, it's nice to finally hear your voice!

A little confession to make:
I've had an irrational fear of ninjas for many years; often appearing in my nightmares...your photo with the face mask, only eyes showing, scares me!
Very ninja-like!

Phil said...

Hehe, yeah, twas like a virtual sledging run. :]
...and yeah, don't forget that instruction, it comes in useful throughout all of life! LOL :0)

The male voice is mainly my bro-in-law, all I say is, "Doing my best"! :)
LOOOOL, wtf, an irrational fear of ninjas! There must a word for that surely, it's too good not to be called something! :0)
Perhaps you will no lnger be scared, as you may just picture good 'ol DoGGa behind the masks from now on?

Kayla said...

Ahhh, I hear you!
"doing me best". I like your voice.

We can call it "Ninjaphobia" or "Lunatic Girl Psychosis" haha
I know it's a strange fear..not sure how I developed it.
Any shrinks in the house??

Anonymous said...

I don't really know what to say... just wanted to say, "HI"

Phil said...

Aw, thank you... It must be the beautiful Kidderminster accent :)
Ninjaphobia, LOL, what are you like!

HI Sarah, long time no comment.
Hope you're keeping well and good to see you're still around :]

Anonymous said...

Our snow was pathetic. No chance of sledging. :(

Glad you had fun it it. I had to work as normal!

Phil said...

Yea, it was patchy round the UK, we had 'just' enough to sledge in, but it was fun, although I had to work in the afternoon :[]

Andre Veloux said...

Wow! What great snow, and not a snowflake fell here. I always miss blighty when I see pics like that.

BTW hello dogga, I've been meaning to close this loop and check out your blog for a long time.

Phil said...

Hi and welcome!
Aw, no shnow for you :[
Yeah, likewise, but there are so many blogs, you could read for days I reckon :] *added*