Thursday, 30 March 2006

Germany - Day 3...

This morning I woke up rather jaded, shall we say. Last night's party was fun, the food superb and white wine was being continually poured all night, free of charge, meaning your glass never fell below half, before it was enthusiastically refilled by a German waitress. This led to a slight over indulgence of the fermented grape juice and much merriment.

I was taught some useful phrases, last night, by my friend Andreas, the vertically gifted happy German. The phrase I liked most was, "Ich muchte ein shnauser mit mein schweineschnitzel", taken from the spoof film, 'Top Secret!'. This, roughly translated means, 'I would like a dog with my pork escallope'... Don't ask.
Grrr, I managed to bite my tongue last night too; it bled lots, but I got some good macro shots of the self inflicted injury.

Ha, ha. I just asked a colleague, "Who paid for the taxi back to the hotel last night?", only to be informed, "We walked"... Oh!

This mornings digital photo purusing revealed some interesting shots; most of which causes you to rotate the camera through 180 degrees, trying to make out what the picture is of. Will post some highlights soon!

The exhibition is going well; plenty of customers and familiar faces alike around today and lots of pretty women walking by, which is unusual for a professional audio exhibition, oddly enough! Not that I've been looking, much. Honest! I haven't even noticed the girl working behind our bar who looks just like Racheal Weiss. In fact, I haven't even stared at her once.

Tonight, we are all off to our German distributor's party at Robert Johnson's in Offenbach, which is over the other side of the city.

Today, I'm most angry about: Suffering from aching exhibition yeti flat foot syndrome from standing all day.
Grrr-O-Meter: 1/10


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