Friday, 7 April 2006

To Jump or Not to Jump..?

Friends have recently asked me if I would like to take part in something.
For the sake of this Blog, I'm going to use a metaphor to describe this 'something' as being a parachute jump!
Now this sounds exciting and could lead to a new and pleasurable life experience, as well as a bit of all round fun, if not
a tad nerve racking!

However, when it actually comes close to the date of the parachute jump, my nerves are kicking in when the reality of what I'm about to embark upon is actually going to happen, rather than it just being a nice idea.
The chances are I'm going to enjoy the experience and it's going to be a perfectly safe thing to do, but driving to the location and then actually going up in the plane to do the parachute jump is going to be a very nervous time; for me anyhow.
Once I've jumped out of the plane, I'm sure it will all be fine and there's a 99.99% chance it will go smoothly and I'm going to enjoy it all the way; so then I will be feeling rather daft for how much I wound myself up about it.

BUT... although I would love to do this parachute jump, what happens when you think your pre jump nerves are going to outweigh the fun of the actual experience?

So, to jump or not to jump: that is the question...

Today, I'm most angry about: Being jovially kissed on the lips, by a woman at circuit training, and not really knowing what to do, other than smile and say, "well that doesn't happen every class!"
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 1/10


Stu said...

Will you regret having NOT done it?

Will the post-not-doing-it regrets if you don't do it outweigh the pre-doing-it nerves if you do do it?

Phil said...


Your absolutly right Stu, show me the ripcord!

Duncan said...

Jump Damn it Jump !

William Shatner's #1 Fan said...

I’d be scared too! I went to the top of the Empire State Building once and I was scared just looking down!

Phil said...

Thanks for the push Duncs! Get it, push! LOL

Phil said...

How bizarre, only this morning I was looking at a friends pictures taken from the top of the Empire State building. Spooky...
It has a similar stomach churning effect!
I was there myself back in 1999!

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