Sunday, 30 July 2006

My Next Career...

...Is doubtful to be a tree surgeon!

Sister#1 has had a couple of tree surgeons round to prune the rather large walnut tree in her drive as it desperately needed attention and had reached a massive height.

It was INCREDIBLE to watch this little Welsh guy shin up a tree with just one rope and hang from it's tops, several stories up with chainsaw in hand, and then lop bits off, putting his life in the hands of a dodgy looking branch at the top.

The extremities to which he would walk out onto were fascinating and then bend in the branches, even more so, but it's his job and he obviously knows what he's doing.

So, except from slight vertigo and a fear of falling to my death, the chances of me becoming a tree surgeon* is highly unlikely. (Although I would like to wear all the belts, carabineers and ropes etc. There's something about climbing gadgetry that does it for me, in more ways than one) ;]

This thought was then reinforced later, when I started pruning a conifer at the top of my sister#1's drive and managed to skilfully cut through the cable of the hedge trimmer... Grrr, nowt a bit of gaffa tape doesn't solve, although I'm sure it's no longer safe or CE compliant! Ooops, rewiring or good connector is needed.

[* I guess you would get used it very quickly after doing it for a few weeks]

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Putting food in the oven, and then half an hour later, excitedly opening the oven, only to realise the gas had gone out and everything was still cold! Grrr...
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 3/10


Big Sis ('Big' as in older not size!) said...

Great pics!!! How was the dog show?!

DoGGa said...

Big Sis (Older that is, of course):
Thanks - Didn't go to the dog show in the end :`[

Dakota said...

This wouldn’t be my job of choice either.
I couldn’t cut bits of trees.
I love them too much; I actually hug them every day ;)
No…… I have the slight vertigo thingy too.

Yoda said...

I'd think your grr-o-meter would be a little higher than 3 considering the cold food :-)

DoGGa said...

I think it's a case of being cruel to be kind! :]

Hehehe, easily rectified you see.

Anonymous said...

Heights make me dizzy just by thinking about them.

kees said...

I don't know I actually quite fancy giving that a go. I once helped my dad fell our huge fir trees. He shimmied up the tree, tied one end of a rope round the top, tied the other end round me, and i had to run backwards while he went at it with a chain saw. It was SO much fun and only a little bit near-fatal :D

DoGGa said...

Lord Hutton:
Yup, they're scary things!

Only a little bit potentially fatal yeah, LOOOL. I can picture it now :]