Thursday, 15 February 2007

TPI Awards Report...

Last week, as mentioned previously, I drove down to London to attend the Total Production Awards 2007.

Entering the 'Big Smoke'

The main room at the start of the evening - The calm before the storm...

It was a fun evening, although a touch nerve racking to start with, as the place was rammed with industry friends and customers. Everywhere I turned there was someone I had to make polite conversation with, and I'm not great at that - although this was nothing copious amounts of alcohol didn't sort out! :)

A rare site of DoGGa in a full suit!!!
Is it just me, or is my head too big for my body in this picture?
Maybe my tie's too big?

Our candlelit table of ten. Micheal Eavis was sat on a table behind us!

After the big eat, the awards ceremony got underway.
That's Suggs on the far left, presenting the evening!

Me and The Silver Fox, who decided it would be a good idea to give me a piggyback through the main bar, which got a laugh or two :0)

...and agh, what is it with people saying I look like Chris Martin? Even Coldplay's engineer came up to me and told me I look like Chris Martin, LOL...

After much fun, it was getting late and I realised I had drank far too much wine, so headed wearily back to the hotel room *Cue memory loss*

This is me in the morning laughing my head off as my room-mate Andy, who got in an hour after me, started telling me and showing me what I had done...

1. I had completely trashed the room (no breakages) so much so, that Andy actually thought someone else might be in the room or had trashed it
2. Evidently fell asleep in Andy's bed before getting into my own and left it in a mess
3. Removed Andy's quilt cover, for no reason whatsoever, and threw it across the room (See picture below)
4. Climbed into my own bed and not being able to find the quilt or pillows for it, climbed under the mattress protector instead and slept in that (See picture above)

Andy's quilt cover over the other side of the room LOOOL

After a tidy up and shower, we all went for a good-old-proper-greasy-English-breakfast-fry-up and I spent most of the morning repeatedly going into giggling fits at what I had done to the hotel room the night before in my drunken stuper :) The evils of alcohol eh!!!

Today, I'm Most Angry About: Myself, as I ate a whole bag of 'Chocolate Nibbs' at lunchtime, when I'm supposed to be trying to loose some weight... Grrr... I don't even have a sweet tooth.
Grrr-O-Meter Rating: 3/10

Today's Top Tip:
Fool your next-door neighbour into thinking you have more stairs than them by banging your feet twice on each step!


LindzyPinzy said...

Happpy Valentines my friend and that photo of you smiling in bed is hysterical! X

DoGGa said...

You too Lindzy babe!
Hehe, I was hysterical in that bed :]

Kayla said...

Ahh, the captured photographic evidence of a night spent in a drunken stupor...Priceless

~Most importantly, you look very handsome in your proper suit!
~And you do look very much like Chris Martin in that photo with Silver Fox.
~Lastly, my goodness! You look darling first thing in the morning!
What a fun night

Photogirl said...

Fancy suit my Dogga friend! Looks like a great time :)

Aoj said...

That's a hell of a tie Dogga!

DoGGa said...

There's nowt more pleasing that capturing such behaviour on camera :0)
Well, what can I say other than thanks for the compliments Kayla, you are far too kind, honestly :]
I felt like rubbish in the morning, so I'm glad I looked OK!

'Tis a fancy 'Without Prejudice' suit... Thanks me dear!!! :]

Yeah, I think you're right :0)

Anonymous said...

Your head is too big for your suit. Suggs is a big boy these days

Toccata said...

I was just thinking you clean up real nice and then I kept on reading and thought, "You can dress him up but he's still Dogga!" Piggy back riding through the bar and then trashing a room! Too funny.

b o o said...

your tie's too BIG. and u should be undressing a girl in a hotel room NOT a bed. goof!

happy valentines day Phil :-X

Dakota said...

Finally…. You’ve put me out of my misery, you really do look like Chris :) Get your own Gwyneth and you can start your own fruit basket!

That tie makes me wanna sing “Purple tie, Purple tie – only want to see you, only want to see you … that purple tie!” Nah, that tie is way too big! It’s enormous :)

Suggs is still Suggs, only older!

Wow…. You really did trashed the place like a real rock star! This goes to show what alcohol can do to you. Shame on you ;)

DoGGa said...

Ah, thanks for clearing that up :0)
Suggs has piled it on over the years ayee! :]

Hahaha, well put... Indeed, just 'ol me at heart :]
It was a surreal night!!!

Your right, it is too big; twas too small last year! :]
You're right, I should have been undressing a lady, but no such luck... It would have been more interesting with pants and bras flung about the place!!! :0)
Happy Veletine's to you too Boo :-X

Oh, for f*** sake, not you too, LOL - kidding - Maybe I shoul dbe exploiting this lookalikeness? *ponders*
That tie is HUUUUUGGEEE, my word! :]
Yeah, Suggs+Age!!!
Teehee, kinda rock and roll yeah... Shame on me indeed, but I feel none :0) X

Yoda said...

That's quite a wild night :-)

DoGGa said...

Twas indeed :0]

mellowlee said...

Oh my GOD, you are too hilarious!! I must come visit you some day, just to go out and watch you get drunk heehee! I cant stop giggling! The photos are fabulous. I love the purkel tie, but it is rather too big haha! Your are priceless *HUGZ*

DoGGa said...

You're more than welcome to visit - just don't expect polite conversation :0)
I can get silly when I get drunk, so come and watch one day :] {{hugs}}